Char grilled Portuguese style free range chicken


Char Grilled on my BBQ

Saturday morning I was back at the Rocklea markets. On the list was free range chicken to BBQ in a marinade of garlic, lemons and olive oil.

I met Daniel Boucher from Food and Wine Concepts. Want to try Kangaroo chorizo, white river mild fed veal, wild boar or quail then Daniel will be your man.

Burrawong free range grain fed whole chicken

I bought a grain fed free range chicken that came from Burrawong farm, a property located at Barraganyatti, north of Kempsey in New South Wales.

The chicken was hormone, antibiotic and chemical free. It had a yellow tinge which according to Daniel  meant my chick had been fond of the corn in the grain mix. He promised this chicken would remind me of grandma’s roast chicken because it’s how chicken tasted 20 years ago.

At Burrawong farm the day old chickens come from Toowoomba, Queensland and are then raised on the property right through to processing.  The chickens live their days in open sunny pasture and are free to roam.  There is an interesting article and video about the farm here. The family run business is not about mass production but rather consistently delivering a quality product.  Burrawong supplies top restaurants in Sydney and Brisbane which accounts for over 80% of their customers. I guess if it is good enough for me then it then it is good enough for Neil Perry.

Free tasting of the range of infused oils from Olives You

The highlight of my morning at the markets was meeting Valerie from Olives You. She runs a small olive farm with her husband in Mutdapilly Queensland.

Valerie from Olives You

Service with a smile - Valerie from Olives You

The Olives You farm is small with only 500 trees. Valerie explained that some years the harvest would be bountiful and other times the supply had to be supplemented with olives purchased from South Australia. The oil was all pressed on the farm and the particular batch of oil I was buying was predominately pressed from South Australian olives. Last year they had enjoyed an extended holiday away resulting in a fairly poor harvest. Valerie’s enthusiasm and willingness to share the story of her product was refreshing and the taste of the extra virgin olive oil infused with blood orange was so divine . You can purchase the range online through the Olives You website.

Shopping Basket

  • 1.6kg Burrawong Free Range Chicken $9.99/Kg ($16.00) – Barraganyatti, NSW
  • Clove of garlic ($18.99/Kg) ($1.90) – Melbourne, VIC
  • Olives You – Extra virgin olive oil infused with blood orange 250ml ($12) – Mutdapilly, QLD
  • 2 Lemons ($1.20) – Stanthorpe, QLD

My fresh ingredients

For my char grilled flat chicken. I started by cutting  it open down the chicken breast bone and pressing it out flat putting pressure on the backbone.  Using a fork I made lots of little holes in the skin to enable the marinade to penetrate the meat.
I mixed up a marinade of olive oil, paprika, bay leaves, salt, birds eye chilli, garlic, lemon juice and 50ml of whiskey.  I marinated the chicken for just over an hour.

Marinating my flat chicken

Char grilling was a smokey affair and in the end I cut the chicken up into smaller peices to cook right through.

For the true Grandma’s chicken test – I will have to bake a Sunday roast, pull out the good china and get my elbows off the table. But at least I can confidently say I have found the perfect chicken to roast for such an occasion.

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